My mind feels a little blank today, like a piece of paper. I need to reload my mind with insights. – CM

Dear Some Parents

Please give your children the chance to be children.  Please give them back their childhood memories. Please give them the chance to play outside in the rain and to do things outside their comfort zone. Please turn off the TV and take away their iPad and let them find ways to be creative and to think without technology. Please teach them the values on being a respectful being. Please teach them to be independent individuals. I have so much more to say, but I will stop here.. etc. -CM

I am not

I am not a Barbie or would like to be a Barbie because I am a full on real and grown young woman who is gracefully sent from above, without the need to act as a doll or any thought of living in a Barbie world. Please give the children back their Barbie dolls. -CM

My personal opinion and everyone else opinions are accepted!! 😀


Sharing is not

Sharing is not caring because we can share things without caring about that person or thing because in today’s society, one only does things for others to show and brag about it for others see them as if they are good, but in reality in their heart they hate that they given you. People, please stop pretending to care when you don’t, and start being more honest with others and yourself. That’s now how we and they know that you truly care. Thanks for sharing! -CM