Never call

Never call yourself homeless when you know you have a little more than others, have. When you speak of these negative things, I just want to personally say to some of you to stop speaking negatively about yourself, for one day, the words of your tongue will serve you justice.

“Proclaim what you are, for you are rich in the heart and alive to be everything you want to be today in your life.” -CM

Are you

Are you holding a grudge? About?

No, I am not holding a grudge or any grudges against anyone because my blessings are too big to handle grudges in these days and times. But when I was young I did hold grudges against my mom for a long time, as she left me as a young child in Cameroon, but I forgive her because she did it for my sibling and I to have a better life in the US. I love her dearly, and I thank her so much for all the sacrifices.

Never hold grudges against anyone, free your peace of mind, and accept all the blessings God wants to give you when you forgive those that trespasses against you. Love is forgiving, and grudges are hate! Be free! -CM

No One

No one can change what the Bible said or mentioned about global warming. We, in God willing, are supposed to be going through this hot world, for the bible speaks life. The whole world is getting warmer, so please start harvesting and staying away from some of your materialist rich friends until they start offering you some of that good old, free energy from the bye-den times. -CM

Hey, did you

Hey, did you know others’ stories won’t always speak louder than your own. I personally say this because your story is your own, worth to be told, and it’s has a true meaning to it. Tell your story just the way you want and just make sure it has ” Truth” to it. Because no one can tell your story better than you and everyone else’s will make your story speak louder. -CM