Long Before We Knew

Hélèn from Quebec in this picture!

         Just take a moment to say hallelujah to your unsuccessful dreams. Although, Jesus blessed it long before we all even knew of the word Success.


Be it


There is happiness in music, dance slowly to live heartily to the music or song that is playing. Love soulfully and beloved happily. Free your heart, smile softly, and enjoy the music.”-CM

Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. – Satchel Paige

Hi, ❤️!

We all should know that Love is key to the light and the light is eternal,

Love is potential to your success, so save up for those social (securities)** not social media..

Love is strength to your lost American dreams

Love is greatness to your Carnitas(tacos)

Love is love did you know that!?

Love is you and me

Love care for the needs, as its care for the rich even with their greediness

Love will fail you if you make emotional decisions like your president! “Let’s go, Brandon!”

Love your neighbor, as you love your dogs and cats, although your cats do hate your dogs… (they only play cool because you’re there)

Love accept hate, even if hate hate love

Love loves me and you, because Jesus is Real and He loves us all!

Enjoy love

Stay Focused


It’s sad to know how people are focused on the wrong things! Your assurance of the things that are taking place in this world has been written already, stop trying to change the words, its was written!! Believe it or continue to stay confused!!