Keep on Writing

I am a stranger to all of you, but I am not willing to slow down on my writing. The same passion you put into your writing is the same motivation we need to show one another. What is life without knowing other people that are not the same as you, culture, nations, language, &, etc? You get the point. Yes, some people are very bad, but most people are more afraid to take action in reaching out to others which could be a life-changing movement to others. Keep on writing, I see and understand where you are coming from precisely.

Writing is to be free and it’s helping others to be motivated!

If you can’t see the little blessings that are in front of you today, you won’t be able to see the major blessings of tomorrow. Because if your mind keeps on focusing on the mistakes of yesterday, how could God trust you with the blessing that is still yet to come? Forgive and let your heart receive goodness. -Christianna

Thank you

Words of appreciation from me to you all that follow me, thank you for reading my work, as you can see the things in my mind I would say. Thank you for listening to the voice that I keep inside, but is easier for me to write it down. Because of you all, I breathe wanting to write more and more. We are all so different on here but some kind to one another. All your works are phenomenal. I see you all and I appreciate every single one of you with much love and grace. -Christianna