Today, just proved my point that I actually live in airports! Airport Hotel in BC… and I have not been seen outside since 0540 am in Cincinnati, Ohio. So damn, how will I ever find a man!?

and me also on the other hand ^ 🤣🤣🤣

Dear Handsome Men

Thank you! I know that some of you don’t hear this much or enough,  but I would like to say you are all very much appreciated in this society, for your strength, your gifts, and all that you are built for by God’s grace. I thank God for you all because if there were no men, there wouldn’t be me (women). I want to thank you and appreciate you all. I do have one request: “Never be silent in the midst of your silent hills because your presence in this society is very important and needed every day.” I want to let you all know I have ears to hear you and a mouth to pray for blessings in your life! All love and respect! No woman no cry- #BOB MARLEY -CM 🤎❤️


Regardless of what country you are from on this earth, you are not to support killing of any others human being. Instead we are supposed to protect each others without siding in wrongful doing. Everything that’s happening across the world should be an eye opener to everyone. History never stopped, for it just started to repeat itself more commonly. So therefore the same words and hatred you have toward others is the same hatred you have toward yourself.

This is just the beginning of a lot of things that are supposed to happen. You get to see people’s true colors and the hate they have for others in their hearts.

Let us choose love in peace, care in peace, and live in peace with harmonies. Let us choose God and not evil. We are all blessed and only you that choose your next step to take on this earth. Love always! -CM

If I lost all

What would you do if you lost all your possessions?

If I lost all my possessions, I would cry for a bit more and even curse at God for a bit more too, but I would take that fear-loving God faith to start all over again because I know that willing will be a chance to again to do better.

I was homeless when I was 19, but my faith and prayers got me to where I am right now. God does prepare a table before you in the presence of our enemies.

We can all start again as it could be a mid-life crisis to start something more beautiful by never giving up and it’s okay to ask for help. But do try it yourself first. Jesus did go 40 days and 40 nights in the desert without eating or drinking.

Never give up, we could all start again! -CM

You will fly!

Never call

Never call yourself homeless when you know you have a little more than others, have. When you speak of these negative things, I just want to personally say to some of you to stop speaking negatively about yourself, for one day, the words of your tongue will serve you justice.

“Proclaim what you are, for you are rich in the heart and alive to be everything you want to be today in your life.” -CM