😘😇 Some people never have a real good reason not to like you or others. Everyone has some light in them, but in some others, their light shines Brighter, because of faith.

Sometimes it’s just better to entertain than to acknowledge some people. Why speak, when they are already voicing their personal opinions about you. Silent to self about people is better than to go to Silent Hill with others. Baby, just entertain and do not acknowledge. -Christianna

Good day everyone 😘

Some people are meant to be and some are not. At the end of the day, God has meant for you to be here today for one day the rib of your rib will come as a whole heart shape just for you! Remember you lack nothing! -Christianna

Word of the day! 😘
Have a great day, don’t let distraction bring your energy down, level up. I will be in MSP tonight!

The differences between humans and technology are that humans can still function without technology but technology can not function without power outlets. Remember to function as humans and not as technology, because once power is lost, self is also lost. -Christianna

A selfish character does not accept advice from others because he/she thinks they are too smart for the rest. Forgetting that sometimes in life you have to be below at speaking, quick to listen to the simple knowledge of others to have a good understanding within the true-life character of a human being. -Christianna

What you intentionally do to others on the outside always intentionally comes back on the inside. You can be soo beautiful on the outside, but have such a bad heart on both. Who am I to say this, but all I’ll always say is to come out clean with a faithful heart and not the bullshits. -Christianna