A selfish character does not accept advice from others because he/she thinks they are too smart for the rest. Forgetting that sometimes in life you have to be below at speaking, quick to listen to the simple knowledge of others to have a good understanding within the true-life character of a human being. -Christianna

What you intentionally do to others on the outside always intentionally comes back on the inside. You can be soo beautiful on the outside, but have such a bad heart on both. Who am I to say this, but all I’ll always say is to come out clean with a faithful heart and not the bullshits. -Christianna

My brother is love unpredictable, and wonderful, he gives without even asking, I could never trade him to any men of this world, I am to protect him but he protects me because he trusts the NĂ me of Jesus! Whoever will end up with him just call yourself blessed! 22yrs old and no bullshit! I adore you, brother!

Know the differences between a man who is just trying to feed you and a man who is actually trying to help you grow for the better. Women are strong but men are stronger. Only I believe that, but what do you believe in honey?

A Miracle

Life without thinking about the I need a miracle are the focus dreams that your hearts truly desire because the opposite of the heart and mind had already agreed on the Ideas of your I can do it without the want or need of a miracle, for God is faithful and you are the miracle.


If any men or women pour out their hearts and extend their hands to their needs, they don’t ask to be worshiped but only deserve to be respected. Above that, it’s just a different kind of kindness. -Christianna