She Became

After you left, she became glad and better. She became more outgoing than ever and never once felt alone again as when she was with you. She became more of a Queen in/of her own unique universe, for she knew she deserved everything more Godly in this world of her own peace of mind and joy. She became more loving to those you envied most, as they became blessing to her as joy come in the morning. She became everything you thought she could never be, but, yet she guessed you didn’t even know her or forgot that she was a Queen sent to you for help, that she lost herself in between those line for she loved, but you never knew her willing power to the what she can become. All she needed was to spread her wings and fly, without the toughts of a belittle man, you. She became someone that one day you’ll think of or even missed when the sun will go down on at your darkess hours. She became exactly what you didn’t want her to become, she had the needs to be herself all along, but if you hadn’t left she wouldn’t had never been glad and better. Finally, she became that one to say F U goodbye playa and wishes you well and greatness at the same time. She became that kind of Okruu chick that will always say to herself and others; batch you are doing a good job! She became everything.

Published by Christianna M.

I am a blessed Cabin Crew who enjoy writing and who is trying to get back at it.

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