Before All;

Before all, there was life, strength, and faith. Before strength, weakness was there. Before all there were words written on how to live well on this earth. Before all there was just one “Man” created to give His life for all. Before all  knowing “Him” were just questions on whether to have faith was good or bad. Yet one will only still question on if not having faith they would still be blessed see eternity.. Before all going to sleep, one would still only give the no thoughts to pray and praise. For hope to maybe see tomorrow strength and blessing; to accept the conditions to live the best life of yesterday blessings. Before all there was a future and hope of thinking about how having more strength at its all best could help you live just for the moments of today. Before all don’t stop remembering that even a brick could never seperate faith or water. Before all you’ll never need to sacrifice anything you can’t handle but to love the giver of life with all strength and adorations, for mercy is always in place. Before all the losses in the world, aren’t actually losses but weak minded souls and lacks of dreamers. Before all there was nothing in this world more greater than a “Man” who give his life in the power of love, for all things looks beautiful as its seem, but yet He remains unseen. Finally, before all there was just one “Man” whom actually gave 2 shits about us to give life, strength, and faith to defend it all with the power of our right hand.

Published by Christianna M.

I am a blessed Cabin Crew who enjoy writing and who is trying to get back at it.

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