When You’re Rejected

When you’re rejected many times and all you could feel is disappointment. Although you still haven’t lost anything but found the lonely strength to carry on to just humble yourself and do better next time for victory is for you! Say to yourself victory is for me; I will get it next time for the way will be made before me in Christ’s Jesus name I believe and trust!

She Became

After you left, she became glad and better. She became more outgoing than ever and never once felt alone again as when she was with you. She became more of a Queen in/of her own unique universe, for she knew she deserved everything more Godly in this world of her own peace of mind and joy. She became more loving to those you envied most, as they became blessing to her as joy come in the morning. She became everything you thought she could never be, but, yet she guessed you didn’t even know her or forgot that she was a Queen sent to you for help, that she lost herself in between those line for she loved, but you never knew her willing power to the what she can become. All she needed was to spread her wings and fly, without the toughts of a belittle man, you. She became someone that one day you’ll think of or even missed when the sun will go down on at your darkess hours. She became exactly what you didn’t want her to become, she had the needs to be herself all along, but if you hadn’t left she wouldn’t had never been glad and better. Finally, she became that one to say F U goodbye playa and wishes you well and greatness at the same time. She became that kind of Okruu chick that will always say to herself and others; batch you are doing a good job! She became everything.

Before All;

Before all, there was life, strength, and faith. Before strength, weakness was there. Before all there were words written on how to live well on this earth. Before all there was just one “Man” created to give His life for all. Before all  knowing “Him” were just questions on whether to have faith was good or bad. Yet one will only still question on if not having faith they would still be blessed see eternity.. Before all going to sleep, one would still only give the no thoughts to pray and praise. For hope to maybe see tomorrow strength and blessing; to accept the conditions to live the best life of yesterday blessings. Before all there was a future and hope of thinking about how having more strength at its all best could help you live just for the moments of today. Before all don’t stop remembering that even a brick could never seperate faith or water. Before all you’ll never need to sacrifice anything you can’t handle but to love the giver of life with all strength and adorations, for mercy is always in place. Before all the losses in the world, aren’t actually losses but weak minded souls and lacks of dreamers. Before all there was nothing in this world more greater than a “Man” who give his life in the power of love, for all things looks beautiful as its seem, but yet He remains unseen. Finally, before all there was just one “Man” whom actually gave 2 shits about us to give life, strength, and faith to defend it all with the power of our right hand.

I Rather Be

I will rather be spiritually educated than, have worldly stupidity. I rather love everyone but hate the whole world to not become God’s enemy. I will rather be mute than, not have an ear to hear the voice of God!! Start walking by faith, and not by sight. This violence that is taking place is nothing new and it is just the start, for it was written the Word is alive and it’s coming to past. Fear not for God is with us and we are in Him, and his mercies endureth forever. Let the word (Bible) be your everyday map!!

Word of the day;
In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.
1 John 4:10 ESV