Don’t Ever Underestimate

W- for Words of the Night or Day,

Don’t ever underestimate your beauty or the beautifulness of another person or thing of this world as a weakness;

For you are too is beautiful and strong.

Stay focus on yourself and trust yourself; for you will overcome anything that the willpower of this world will throw at you or another.

Therefore, don’t ever underestimate your values and truth as a man or woman for anything or nothing. Use these words as words of hope “I walk by Faith, and not by sight.”

Let Us

Let us be kindly affectionate to one another with warmly love; in honor and preferring just us as soulmates and protectors. Let us agree. Let us not want the mind that only want higher things, but let us be of the mind that only sees goodness and blissful things. Let us provide each other with honesty as well as in the sight of those that love us. Let us be stronger together, if life gets a little impossible, Let us teach each other to pray, believe in the possibility of Christ, and stay patiently inlove with the mind of each other. Let us live a peaceful life with each other and as well as with all humans created. Let us give to our enemies when they hunger and when they thirst. Therefore we shall always love our neighbors; so we can live a life full of understanding, for the joy of the one who has given us each other will always be within us in love. Forevermore lover let us kindly live together as one and warmly be affectionate to one another as soulmates and protectors.

Beautifulness should be in your sight, as it’s always in your heavenly Father’s sight.

Love by faith, and love everyone that’s in your sight.

From My Little Brother

When you stop worrying about what other people think about you, thats when you will become a true boss/leader

If you can’t show or be your true self to the world, you will never have faith, and without faith, you will never be happy.

Because without faith you will never find your true purpose and without your true purpose you will never find love within yourself and without love in yourself, you can never truly love anyone, and finally, without love, your soul is garnished and all you see is darkness in it.

– Dean- ❤

The best thing I ever did was to stop being a try-hard and just let God take control. There are signs and messages everywhere; just pay attention and wake up.


Life is not hard at all, you just need to pay more attention and see what’s going on.

– Dean HW. Dubois

↓↓↓↓ Me like ❤️

I just had to honestly share this, I am so grateful to my brother for sharing some of his thoughts with me, and therefore that’s why I am sharing with you all. For I am a very proud sister! Maybe someone needed to hear this! Have a blessed weekend!