Dear Handsome Men

Thank you! I know that some of you don’t hear this much or enough,ย  but I would like to say you are all very much appreciated in this society, for your strength, your gifts, and all that you are built for by God’s grace. I thank God for you all because if there were no men, there wouldn’t be me (women). I want to thank you and appreciate you all. I do have one request: “Never be silent in the midst of your silent hills because your presence in this society is very important and needed every day.” I want to let you all know I have ears to hear you and a mouth to pray for blessings in your life! All love and respect! No woman no cry- #BOB MARLEY -CM ๐ŸคŽโค๏ธ

Published by Christianna Emilie. Mony

I am a blessed Cabin Crew who enjoy writing and who is trying to get back at it.

14 thoughts on “Dear Handsome Men

  1. I love this. There are so many unspoken heros. The everyday guys busting their a** to make a living or take care of their families. โค๏ธ

  2. Thank you, though I don’t think I’m handsome. But, I pray multiple times a day! I am VERY thankful! Be well Christianna! <3

  3. Living in a country (Canada) where men are regularly mocked and ridiculed in the media, TV commercials and shows, you donโ€™t know how wonderful it is to hear this.
    Many thanks.

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