Are you

Are you holding a grudge? About?

No, I am not holding a grudge or any grudges against anyone because my blessings are too big to handle grudges in these days and times. But when I was young I did hold grudges against my mom for a long time, as she left me as a young child in Cameroon, but I forgive her because she did it for my sibling and I to have a better life in the US. I love her dearly, and I thank her so much for all the sacrifices.

Never hold grudges against anyone, free your peace of mind, and accept all the blessings God wants to give you when you forgive those that trespasses against you. Love is forgiving, and grudges are hate! Be free! -CM

Published by Christianna M.

I am a blessed Cabin Crew who enjoy writing and who is trying to get back at it.

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  1. interesting as we grow and trust in God and forgive and show love – how are lives grow .
    Continue blessing others through your writing and stay true to the truth . God loves and blesses you

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