Keep on Writing

I am a stranger to all of you, but I am not willing to slow down on my writing. The same passion you put into your writing is the same motivation we need to show one another. What is life without knowing other people that are not the same as you, culture, nations, language, &, etc? You get the point. Yes, some people are very bad, but most people are more afraid to take action in reaching out to others which could be a life-changing movement to others. Keep on writing, I see and understand where you are coming from precisely.

Writing is to be free and it’s helping others to be motivated!

Published by Christianna M.

I am a blessed Cabin Crew who enjoy writing and who is trying to get back at it.

10 thoughts on “Keep on Writing

  1. I just feel bad about some people having to read my writing, hahaha. It’s also why I keep my writing relegated to quips otherwise it’s a struggle although my biggest motivation, if I do not do it, some person at a mainstream media outlet is incorrectly defining Japanese food and culture to the masses.

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