From My Little Brother

When you stop worrying about what other people think about you, thats when you will become a true boss/leader

If you can’t show or be your true self to the world, you will never have faith, and without faith, you will never be happy.

Because without faith you will never find your true purpose and without your true purpose you will never find love within yourself and without love in yourself, you can never truly love anyone, and finally, without love, your soul is garnished and all you see is darkness in it.

– Dean- ❤

The best thing I ever did was to stop being a try-hard and just let God take control. There are signs and messages everywhere; just pay attention and wake up.


Life is not hard at all, you just need to pay more attention and see what’s going on.

– Dean HW. Dubois

↓↓↓↓ Me like ❤️

I just had to honestly share this, I am so grateful to my brother for sharing some of his thoughts with me, and therefore that’s why I am sharing with you all. For I am a very proud sister! Maybe someone needed to hear this! Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Very good entry !! In all areas of life, loving yourself first to empathize with others is more than necessary. Until recently, there were still discussions about how many types of leaders existed … But it was concluded that today’s leader; It is the “architect of uncertainty” and must have characteristics of the four types of leadership. Very good weekend. A warm greeting.

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