Acknowledging Ur Wrong

Was taken in DFW

I CEM, acknowledge that I’m perfect in some ways, and another way I am not perfect. I lacked many things in my everyday life because I sometimes am too afraid of being rejected, so I shut down. I’m still learning to accept the rejection and to continue pushing through. Life is learning lessons of the humankind world every day. “Stop! Doing the things that makes you look weak.” Overall, what I don’t lack is a big heart for showing someone else acceptance, love, care, and understanding every day.

Reconnaître vos torts et ne couvrir aucune de vos iniquités est l’un des cadeaux les meilleurs et les plus intelligents que vous, humains, puissiez vous offrir. Libérez-vous en confessant votre manque de méfaits et vos peurs des rejets ; en disant la vie dans votre vérité car vos vérités honnêtes vous libéreront.

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I am a blessed Cabin Crew who enjoy writing and who is trying to get back at it.

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