Don’t Ever Let…

Don’t ever let someone tell you who you are, other than telling yourself you’re the greatest and one of a kind… Blessed! -CM

You are by no means only what you already know. You are also all that which you could know if you only would. Thus, you should never sacrifice what you could be for what you are. You should never give up the better that resides within for the security you already have—and certainly not when you have already caught a glimpse, an undeniable glimpse, of something beyond. – JP (Jordan Peterson.)**

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I am a blessed Cabin Crew who enjoy writing and who is trying to get back at it.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Let…

  1. Can you fix your link? When you like my post, I click on your link to like yours back but it’s not found. The only way I can see your post now is on the feed page but it moves as new posts comes on.. the link looks like it has a different name from your blog name.

  2. Thank you for sharing!!… “Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because of someone’s version of reality is not your reality.” (Shannon L. Alder )… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May flowers always line your path
    and sunshine light your way,
    May songbirds serenade your
    every step along the way,
    May a rainbow run beside you
    in a sky that’s always blue,
    And may happiness fill your heart
    each day your whole life through.
    (Irish Saying)

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