What is stopping you all or some from getting what you want or from fulfilly any dreams you all have in mind or maybe about where you all want to be in? Let not a person suffocate you or your dreams from coming true, to bring you down in a sorry hole of soreness, because they were too lazy or too sad about the past that should had stayed in the past to fight hard enough to make their bloody dream come true…

Hi ❤

We all should know that Love is key to the light and the light is eternal,

Love is potential to your success, so save up for those social (securities)** not social media..

Love is strength to your lost American dreams

Love is greatness to your Carnitas(tacos)

Love is love did you know that!?

Love is you and me

Love care for the needs, as its care for the rich even with their greediness

Love will fail you if you make emotional decisions like your president

Love your neighbor, as you love your dogs and cats, although your cats do hate your dogs… (they only play cool because you’re there)

Love accept hate, even if hate hate love

Love loves me and you, because Jesus is Real and He loves us all

Enjoy love

Don’t Ever Underestimate

W- for Words of the Night or Day,

Don’t ever underestimate your beauty or the beautifulness of another person or thing of this world as a weakness;

For you are too is beautiful and strong.

Stay focus on yourself and trust yourself; for you will overcome anything that the willpower of this world will throw at you or another.

Therefore, don’t ever underestimate your values and truth as a man or woman for anything or nothing. Use these words as words of hope “I walk by Faith, and not by sight.”