Wins, Visions, Forgivenes of the Mind


In order for you to make anything happen in the life you want to win, you must have a vision, faith, and a driven focusness of the mind. You must write down your visions and then look up to the Highest cloud for a great blessing unseen but believable that you’ve already received it in the heart. Speaking and proclaim all the wins you want in your life, future, or destiny. Strive your way to be the next Supreme Medal of Life, Humanity, or Maybe Nobel of Peace. Like Helen Keller, Mother Teresa, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King JR, and over all Albert Schweitzer. Try harder, believe hard, and let your wins and drives be the light that opens many doors to this generation or the next, next generations visions. Let the focusness of your mind be used to belief of the soul that saves many lives visions do come true. Lead positive Impacts to your future and the future of those that are or not around you, but at best make a difference. Lead a new mission of hope to help our unequal world to find its strength of injustice, peace, and love upon your wins. Use your driven focusness of your imperfect mind to make changes to our world. God Bless you thinkers and the Earth.

Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone. I am going to Switzerland 🇨🇭 to see my family! I hope to meet some of you guys soon! ❤

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Just Speak

Why keep your lies inside when you can speak of your truths and be free. God will always hear you, He is also just to forgive your today and tomorrow, even when some don’t want to understand, forgive, or listen to you. Honey, I understand you, you were created with love in truth, all you have to do is speak, I too am human, we all carry lies inside. But only a few want to break though chains, just Speak up! I love you, just the way you are! ❤


Have a good time & Be serious too

Barcelona, Spain

Life is not about just having a good time all the time, there is also a time to get serious because what is life if you can’t multitask a good time and being serious? It’s like saying I am going to live forever and forgetting that you can also died today or someday.

Lady and gentlemen stop wasting each others time, time is not a game to be played with. Stop saying I am better alone saying that is saying you are afraid that someone can actually love the whole you and you can’t seem to let them in. Try it anyways, let them in and stop wasting the energy of sleeping around not understanding what it does to you, gives you, or brings to you. Sometimes it brings you mistakes, just like the ones you had before, or more loneliness.

I will say anyways; lady and gentlemen if you care or even love someone speak up, let them know that your heart wants them, speak up for your long wait of getting to know them as a whole.. If you are rejected after speaking up and knowing this person for 1-5 years atleast you tried, walk always as you are giving thanks to Christ. Forgive the rejection and the person, and just remember the good times and knowing that you actually wanted to be serious because you fell in love.

When two or 3 come into an agreement everything will come to pass. Trust God when he said a man is never to be alone, that why we women were created. Blessed  up ladies.

My thoughts while on my way home, I love the Jumpseat! ❤