Loveself And Friends

That’s love all the way from Quebec 😍

Love is in the eyes of your creature, the creation, and of with in yourself. Who ever takes something from you 2 twice, will try to return it the third time hoping it’s not too late to return love.



Love what loves you but don’t hate what hates you. For hate is the burden to exhaust the stars in you.

                      r.m. drake



Be free and be thankful always; Love yourself and smile always with or at every attitude that comes your way. If you can’t call someone else babe, just call yourself babe; Because you have so much more to offer yourself. YOU are one of a kind and your heart is full of so much blessing and love. Be free and be thankful always. Babe


May I be the lady in red for just this one night? For It may be the night, I live freely without looking back at the right decisions that were made for the both of us. It’s may be the night that I smile really hard in my soul for it rejoice only In Christ and me who truly lives in me. From this day on, I’ll Live freely to the fullest joy of your heart, and never letting my goals and strength ever run dry; Because, blessed is a definition of my blood. Child of a king. -cm




Dear Babygirl,

       Let me tell you something. Do not ever beg a person to be in their life, if they don’t want you to be there. Meaning that don’t every leave your own life or let go of your given talents go wasted; because of what you were welling to let go of for that person. You are the most important person in this world. You were given a chance in the book of life to fulfil what was place in your heart. You are love invisibly by someone whose see best and greatness in you. You are one of a kind and alike in truth. Do  not every beg an unselfish person.

fb_img_1506033884474597698386.jpgI’ m so in love with this country that’s one day, I’ll be married there.😍❤



wp-1513890329015804453365.jpgI love days like this!! I had nothing better than to shave the back of my head and look cute for work! I am lovely to say today was a success 🤘😜💪

wp-15146654844402092332511.jpgBeauty is in the eyes of a Flight Attendant who know the system of staying healthy and fit for her career.

20180124_001914500530919.pngThis gal right here I call her my dearest sister! We became sister since the first day I met her in Punta Cana. She is from France and one of my favorite person in the world! She is my main reason why I travel to Paris. I love you so much ma belle Camille 😍

Sometimes it’s best that you travel the world to find that sister from another mistress that will mean so much to you as your own blood sister would; the greatest blessing is to know that no matter how long the distance is we will forever be close in our heart. Never let that change pasts you by and not finding another great sister.

Maxime! this one is for you,

Thank you for opening my eyes, who I am today is because of God and you. I’ve learned to keep my eyes open and to know that the world has so much more to offer me. Since December 14th, 2015 my life hasn’t been the same. I just wanted to see more of you and the world, so I finally decided to follow my Dream of becoming a Flight Attendant. I am sorry that the distance between couldn’t keep us together for the past 3 years. But, we can’t say we didn’t try harder to make things work. Because we really did. I am so thankful for the time that we really spent together and the friend that we had made together; mostly thank you for sharing your family holidays with me, I will always remember them. You were really my first true love and I took my first vacation out of the country with you. It’s was a true blessing. I am sorry for all your hard times that I wasn’t there for you, but you understood. What was crazy was that sometime I felt like you were reading my mind and my heart. I loved the connection we had. I am very Happy, Blessed, and Grateful to call you my good friend and that I love you and your family very much!! I am happy and very proud of you for the man you have became. Take care of yourself my friend.

snapchat-30606701171650610.jpgI won’t stop believing in the one I believe in. Never!

fb_img_15210055094032018143013.jpgI love her 🤗❤ one of the most smiley faces to work with. This past 4 days working with her has been a blessing my 5th mom. I am collecting moms everywhere everyday 😘!! ZIH got me flipping my hair 😎😂😂

Oh yeah, I was really flipping my hair in Mexico, you know in the hot air! You’re welcome lol


55 thoughts on “Loveself And Friends”

              1. Maybe because one kind of a species thinks they are better or stronger than the other. Forgetting that we all were created from the dust of the earth. Also forgetting love of self and others is the greatest of all.

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                1. I believe that when we die our bodies return to the dust they were made of and our spirit wakes (again) to the realisation that Spirit transcends species, colour, gender, sexuality etc. What we have only glimpsed of Love is fully revealed (once more) in its wholeness. What foolish things we’ve done, yet now forgiven.

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  1. Bonjour
    Juste un sourire pour toi
    Je le laisse sortir de mon cœur
    C’est un sourire en douceur
    il va éclairer ton visage

    Je le partage avec tous mes amis amies
    de celui ou celle qui le reçois
    peu importe son âge
    il le rendra heureux ou heureuse
    Alors pour toi mon ami amie

    je te fais encore un beau sourire
    pour te souhaiter une bonne journée ou soirée



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, merci, mon ami. Je t’envoie aussi un beau sourire avec un grand coeur sur le côté pour que ta soirée ou ta soirée se passent très bien. Merci encore pour ce merveilleux message. bisous et bonne nuit 😍😘



  2. Hey Christianna!

    It’s great to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I have enjoyed reading a bit of your story so I look forward to getting into your blog.
    Bless you!


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