Why didn’t I learn, Just my Thoughts


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Why did I not go to Swiss again? Why didn’t I go to all those places I really wanted to go too? Why did I go to France again? To be asked the same questions or things over and over again.. to listen to people call each others names and yelling like they don’t have regular voices or like they’re not next to each others in the same room? Even the cat was loud. Why do France people judge each others so much? If they don’t have peace among themselves, what do they think the rest of the world say about them? America is way better country than France sorry to say. I believe that the only reason people go to France is going to the City of Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Why did I come again? Why did I come here again? Was it based on my feeling. Why didn’t I just my listen to myself. Christianna Emilie Mony learn to listen to yourself first before don’t anything. Stop trying to please everyone, stop letting people have control over you and mostly stop making decisions with feelings. You are beautiful, your kind, loving, and mostly the child of a king. Stop letting your self down and doubting. Do what makes you happy because others are make sure they are first Ask the Lord for strength, the path to direct you and listen to the voice… I won’t be back any time soon… thank you France.


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