It’s wasn’t for free, someone paid a price

I am a foreigner and I love this great country called America! I thank God for my stepfather to had won the Green card and for working so hard for me to have an opportunity to become a hard working citizen!! Thank God for my mother for being so stricted on me, because she seen strength in me. Therefore, I wasn’t born into this world for free, my mother paid a price through labor… do your part, cause Jesus did His part! Stop complaining just work hard and do it!! I am not a white supremacist, I am just a blessed hard working American!!


I just wanted to say hello beautiful people welcome to my blog. I am super blessed to have you! Please ask me anything questions, and I would be happy and glad to answer them all. If I don’t reply back quickly that means I am on an airplane, where I belong. Lol just kidding.. I am a Cabin crew and a part time Caregiver that probably means I am working. But, I’ll get back to you all as quickly as possible.. check out my page share with your friends, family, and fans too! Thank you again 😘🙈😁👐


Wow, I’ll be back soon

Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry for, I haven’t been as motivated to write lately. But, I sincerely hope you all will trust me to be back soon?! I want to also take the time to wish you all well, and Happy belated birthday to those that have had a passed birthday, and happy joyous birthday birthday for those that are yet coming soon! 😘❤

Love, – Christianna