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Joy In The Eyes Of A Sinner

Joy in the eyes of a sinner whom sins by nature almost everyday, for she know she isn’t perfect. But yet she weeps in silence asking her Heavenly Father for forgiveness. Not only He forgives her, but He also gives her the strength and His agape love to forgive herself and others. Don’t forget His Mighty light shines all over you all everyday!! Know who you are, because everyone is a sinner by nature.

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Don’t Ever Let…

Don’t ever let someone tell you who you are, other than telling yourself you’re the greatest and one of a kind…-CM

You are by no means only what you already know. You are also all that which you could know, if you only would. Thus, you should never sacrifice what you could be for what you are. You should never give up the better that resides within for the security you already have—and certainly not when you have already caught a glimpse, an undeniable glimpse, of something beyond. – JP (Jordan Peterson)**

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You Are The Fashion

Dress up for freedom, laughter, and not for fashion. For you are the fashion of those clothes. Let no one tell you that nothing looks good on you, because of how big or skinny you are. Whoever will tell you such thing should be ashamed of themselves; for they are not happy with who they are as human. Be you, be happy! Dress up for freedom, laughter, and not for fashion. You are the fashion.
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Dear Lover, Let Us

Let us be kindly affectionate to one another with warmly love; in honour and preferring just us as soulmate and protectors. Let us be of the same mind as us, as one heart beat. Let us not want the mind that only want of higher things, but let us be of the mind that only sees of goodness and blessful things. Let us provide each others with honest things as well as in the sight of those that love us. Let us be strong together, if life gets a little impossible, Let us teach each others to pray, believe in the possible of Christ, and stay patient with love in each others hearts. Let us live a peaceably life with each others and as well as with all men created. Let us give to our enemies when they hunger and when they thirst. Therefore we shall always love our neighbors; so we can live a life full of peace, for the joy of the one whom given us each others will always be within us. Forever more lover let us kindly live together as one and warmly be affectionate to one another as soulmate and protectors.

Beautifullness should be in your sight, as it’s always in your heavenly Father sight!!

Love by faith, and love everyone that’s in your sight.

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Death Has Nothing On You

Do not ever be afraid of dying, for death has nothing on you. Death is more like going to sleep, but alone 6ft below. I find that sleeping is freedom; for freedom is being freed from the world of sins. Sins will never catch up to you; if you are right now believing with your whole heart that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, & that he died for you and I. So therefore, do not ever be afraid of dying, for death has nothing on you.

Right now, I know your soul just been touch just from reading this, and it had been renewed.

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I CEM, acknowledge that I’m perfect in some ways, and another ways I am not perfect. I lacked many things in my everyday life, because I sometimes am too afraid of being rejected; so I shutdown. I’m still learning to accept the rejection, and to continue on pushing through. Life is learning lessons of the humankind world everyday. “Stop! Doing the things that makes you look weak.” Over all, what I don’t lack is a big heart of showing someone elses acceptance, love, care, and understanding everyday.

Acknowledging your wrongs doing and not covering up any of your iniquities is one of the best and smartest gift you as human can give yourselves. Free yourselves by confessing your lack of wrongs doing, & fears of rejections; by speaking life into your truth for your honest truths will set you free.

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The World


The world is blessed with many potentials but no one want to take actions for themselves, stop letting liars and hypocrites control you, because in time they will all Fall short!

Le monde est béni avec de nombreux potentiels, mais personne ne veut prendre des mesures pour eux-mêmes, cesser de laisser les menteurs et les hypocrites vous contrôler, parce que dans le temps, ils seront tous courts!

Old to me and new to you guys!