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Don’t Ever Let…

Don’t ever let someone tell you who you are, other than telling yourself you’re the greatest and one of a kind…-CM

You are by no means only what you already know. You are also all that which you could know, if you only would. Thus, you should never sacrifice what you could be for what you are. You should never give up the better that resides within for the security you already have—and certainly not when you have already caught a glimpse, an undeniable glimpse, of something beyond. – JP (Jordan Peterson)**

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Don’t Ever Underestimate

W- for words of the Night or Day,

Don’t ever underestimate my beauty or the beautifulness of another person or thing of this world as a weekness;

For you are too is beautiful and strong.

Stay focus on you and trust yourselves; for you will overcome anything that the will power of this world will throw at you or another.

Therefore, don’t ever underestimate your values and truth as a man or woman for anything or for nothing. Use this words as words of hope “I walk by Faith, and not by sight.”

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To All my Beautiful Ladies, 

This post is for all beautiful woman out there!!

This questions are for you all to answer in your own opinions and to just speak your minds. 

 The questions are… 

What is your definition of a man? What do you look for or expect of a man?

I got asked those same questions by my Flight Attendant. I didn’t know what to even start with. My first taught was, I am going to Google it. Then she said, everybody had their own opinions about what their definitions of a man is. It, got me thinking about what was my definition of a man. 

Men can answer this too!! There is no shame on page babes 😉💪

Think, think, and think beauties.


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Self Fear

Our biggest fear right now is ourselves, not our fellow humans. Its the fear of knowing that we have power and control to overcome anything, even hell. But mostly to help our soul to find peace. Fear is hell himself, for we have power and control over him. Therefore let hell fear you because you have a greater fire in you from the Alpha and the Omega.

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What I do, and Say

When you appreciate life a little to much out of boredom. Do some little things like this to keep others happy. 

Silly little Christianna is on your side my friends. Just be you everyday and others will love you for you. Don’t ever change yourself to be anything else but yourself. 

Last night, I went to Aguascalientes Mexico

for just the night for fun. I was not alone. I love Mexico to much to not go visit it cities when I get a chance to with a free room and good food waiting for me. I was a little nervous at first, but then I figure it was a city that I’ve never been to. So, I put on my happy worry less face afterward and I got on that plane. To have a great time with the one who I can just be myself are with, with no fear. 

I got to Aguascalientes, MX. I was the only color person there and my company was the only extremely light person there. The people were just looking at us like the have never seen two different race together. Haha. This guy came and tried to do magic and others were trying to share their drinks with us at the bar know that we had our own with little Spanish spoken by me( No, gracias hombre).. 

My 🤗 asked me what would I rate myself? I said, a 4 because I know who I am and I know my Imperfections and perfections. I am still building myself to becoming a better independent and dependents woman. As a 22 years old woman, I still have a lot to learn. But, I free myself to be different and mostly be humble because I am blessed… 

So say to you all; Rate yourselves with the first number that comes on your minds for only you and God that knows where you want to be at in your life at the moment. Live, learn, and have some much fun for today only; for when we pray to the Lord to Give us today day our daily bread.

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Haven’t seen yet

Some of you haven’t seen success yet because you have not dreamed or believe of it. You only started to think about it, because someone was sharing with you their successful stories about their life. Then it had you thinking about what your own. You should had started dreaming from the age of 3,4,5,…. Stop letting commentless not have you think about what your purpose is in this world! Think quick, dream quick, believe quick, and, but patiently do it quick. You can…

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Let your Silence

Taken in Quebec City, Canada.

This photo was taken in Dominican Republic. That will forever my favorite memory. ❤

Taken in Houston Texas

Let your slience’s help you to remember of a joy that you once had, before you met that one person who stole your heart away. When everyone that saw you/him or her/you thought you too would had spend the rests of your lives together. Let your silence help you to remember of memories you both made together. For there was never hurt, pain, or fights. But, there was just fun, fun, fun, and little communication between the both. Because you both knew the distance were one of your biggest fears. But, when you both were together you never wanted to let go. Let your silence help to remind you that, you will be okay; for that person who once stole your heart is still there but not together as one in heart. Let your silence help you to remember of the joy, peace, and love you once had within yourself.