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You Are The Fashion

Dress up for freedom, laughter, and not for fashion. For you are the fashion of those clothes. Let no one tell you that nothing looks good on you, because of how big or skinny you are. Whoever will tell you such thing should be ashamed of themselves; for they are not happy with who they are as human. Be you, be happy! Dress up for freedom, laughter, and not for fashion. You are the fashion.
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Flying Is My love

Flying is my first. That’s my first love. Never be afraid to bless your own dreams of exploring the world. You were bless with you and your dreams long before you even knew of this existence. Take on that bible and run with it until you find your longing place in this world; even if it means moving all over the world; guess what I say you can do anything. Find that first of love and longley be happy.

Hello  Tomorrow!

Dream Airline, fly Emirates ❤

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You Are Strong, Stronger

 You are, your are strong, you are stronger than the person who is holding a weapon against you to give you fear. You are stronger than the person whom is against you, meaning you are stronger than your enemies; You are stronger than the man who betrayed your Brother, The Most High Jesus with a kiss. Your are strong, and stronger when others say you are weak and you will never overcome your purpose without them. You are stronger because you have already forgiven them and God has forgiven You! Mostly you are strong and stronger because you know who you are; You are called Blessed, Brave, Strong, and Stronger..