It’s wasn’t for free, someone paid a price

I am a foreigner and I love this great country called America! I thank God for my stepfather to had won the Green card and for working so hard for me to have an opportunity to become a hard working citizen!! Thank God for my mother for being so stricted on me, because she seen strength in me. Therefore, I wasn’t born into this world for free, my mother paid a price through labor… do your part, cause Jesus did His part! Stop complaining just work hard and do it!! I am not a white supremacist, I am just a blessed hard working American!!


I just wanted to say hello beautiful people welcome to my blog. I am super blessed to have you! Please ask me anything questions, and I would be happy and glad to answer them all. If I don’t reply back quickly that means I am on an airplane, where I belong. Lol just kidding.. I am a Cabin crew and a part time Caregiver that probably means I am working. But, I’ll get back to you all as quickly as possible.. check out my page share with your friends, family, and fans too! Thank you again 😘🙈😁👐


Wow, I’ll be back soon

Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry for, I haven’t been as motivated to write lately. But, I sincerely hope you all will trust me to be back soon?! I want to also take the time to wish you all well, and Happy belated birthday to those that have had a passed birthday, and happy joyous birthday birthday for those that are yet coming soon! 😘❤

Love, – Christianna


You’re Rejected

When you’re rejected for the manyth time and all you could feel is disappointment. Although you still haven’t lost anything, but found the lonely strength to carryon to just humble yourself and do better next time for victory is for you! Victory is for me; I will get it next time for the way will be made before me in Christ’s Jesus name I believe and trust!