You’re Rejected

When you’re rejected for the manyth time and all you could feel is disappointment. Although you still haven’t lost anything, but found the lonely strength to carryon to just humble yourself and do better next time for victory is for you! Victory is for me; I will get it next time for the way will be made before me in Christ’s Jesus name I believe and trust!

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A Man Who Believes…

I believe in honesty, faithfulness, trust, and fidelity. I believe these things are to be valued and treasured. I believe in commitment. The belief that men are “promiscuous by nature” is true only to the extent that we view ourselves as victims to nature, and no better than animals. That’s absurd.

Being faithful is a series of choices – choices that are fully within our power to decide who we want to become. I am a man, and I believe in honesty, faithfulness, trust, and fidelity. – Bryon J.


Creo en la honestidad, la confianza y la fidelidad. Creo que estas cosas deben ser valoradas y atesoradas.

Yo creo en el compromiso.

La creencia de que los hombres son “promiscuos por naturaleza” es la verdad solo si nos consideramos víctimas de la naturaleza y no mejores que los animales. Eso es absurdo.

Ser fiel es una serie de elecciones, elecciones que están totalmente dentro de nuestro poder para decidir quién queremos ser. Soy un hombre y creo en la honestidad, la confianza y la fidelidad.


Just don’t copy and paste

Life is not just about copying and pasting someone else’s story; Life is more about being creative and being the author of your own given story from above ( meaning your purpose).** I am just saying, just don’t copy and paste someone else’s story and try to make it your own. Others stories are there to be shared with you and others to grow and to create your own, by gaining many ideas on how to start your very own purposeful story. It’s easy just be the author of your own given purpose. Just write not copy and paste..