It’s wasn’t free, someone else’s paid the price

As a foreigner, I love this great country called America! I thank God for my stepfather and mother to had won the Green card and for working so hard for me to have an opportunity to become a hard working citizen!! More thanks to God for my mother for being so stricted on me, because she seen strength in me. Therefore, I wasn’t born into this world for free, my mother paid a price through labor… do your part, cause Jesus did His part! Stop complaining just work hard and do it!! I am not a white supremacist, I am just a blessed hard working American!!

Published by Christianna Emilie. Mony

I am a blessed Cabin Crew who enjoy writing and who is trying to get back at it.

4 thoughts on “It’s wasn’t free, someone else’s paid the price

  1. Amen Christianna! Unfortunately, supremacists come in all colors and are colorblind to the Divine perspective that James McBride states in his book . . . in God’s eyes we are all ‘”The Color of Water”, and those of us blessed to be Americans are truly doubly blessed!
    PS – Somehow I knew you weren’t a white supremacist 😊

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