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You Are The Fashion

Dress up for freedom, laughter, and not for fashion. For you are the fashion of those clothes. Let no one tell you that nothing looks good on you, because of how big or skinny you are. Whoever will tell you such thing should be ashamed of themselves; for they are not happy with who they are as human. Be you, be happy! Dress up for freedom, laughter, and not for fashion. You are the fashion.

154 thoughts on “You Are The Fashion”

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  2. Hi there,

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  4. Nice post,Thanks for sharing with us.Awaiting your next post.


  5. I appreciate the stand of you in redefining the fashion. I agree with you that fashion has no limit and boundary. It is just the creativity of mind that makes you look gorgeous. We should believe we are beautiful and our aesthetic self needs an ethereal costume.
    Fashion is never old as far as you have not tried it yourself.
    In the market full of trends, we have to see what suits our body.


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