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Feeling Changes

Enjoy life, no matter how sad you feel; for that feeling will be gone in mins, hours, and even days. All that will be left is for you to make a choice to be happy or to be sad. Everything that happens in your life is because of you and your mouth.


8 thoughts on “Feeling Changes”

  1. Years ago, Oprah had an American Indian lady on her show and she talked about embracing changes. Specifically, she was talking about a belief that for a woman to become a wise woman, there was a change. The episode had to do with menopause and how that altered a female chemically, so that she was no longer controlled by hormones, as she’d been when younger, but the thing that riveted my attention was the lady explaining that when you feel a change coming most people tense up and resist – she advised that change is normal and that the transition from woman to wise woman is good, so instead of resisting the change, embrace it. I’ve applied this to many things and it has proven to be good advice – at least for me.

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