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My Friend Pilot

Hello Friends,

Sorry I’ve not been on here much, I was just preparing myself for this Interview I had with this great company that I kinda wanted to really work for. But, I didn’t get hired by them as their Flight Attendant. I was very discourage with myself, about what had gone wrong or what I could had done better. I felt like I disappointed some of my supporters, but one.

From of my friend pilot who believed in me with positive words that I need.


All thanks to my friend pilot for the great comment that is in white (above), for still encouraging me to continue on trying and not to stop until I get want you truly want. I believe that sometime God put things in our directions to see if we truly want it or not, or if we are going to slack or really work hard for it with great effort of Faith of needs. Especially with a test of of faith and to whom we are keeping in your life or are truly being honest to self.

Ask yourselves this question:  Are the friends I have in my life right now are motivating me to continue to push myself?

If the Answer, Yes they are motivating, positive, and that they keep on encouraging you even when there are times that you are ready to give up. Those Friends that are there to help you keep your Hope and Faith in check. Please keep them, because they see greatness in you.


If the answer is No, please leave them alone!! right away. Because you do not need those negative or a lazy people in your life at any given time because, your time, hope, faith , and motivation should be very important to you. Even if it your family leave them all alone all at once.

Never give up, keep that perfect stranger that will motivate you with great comments because they had got more No, than Yes in their life. P.S I’ll take this interview as a practice for my soon to becoming interview for I don’t know for when it will come, but I do know for more that the best is yet to come.




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  1. That’s absolutely awesome dear. Keep it up 👆 tall never over looks yourself and look down 👇 on yourself if you really wanna try keep it light 💡 and never want to take shits talks about things that are not necessary for you that’s all I have to said for you.

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