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Health and Strength + Good Food= HealthyLife

After a great nap, I hit the gym for a nice run at my hotel in Toronto, Canada. Than a great video workout in my room with Tiffany Rothe! Everyone should try this aleast 3 times a day everyday for 30mins. This results above will be your results!! Team Get Fit and healthy 2018 💪🖖😊

-The workouts I do after my runs

My meals prep for the next 6 days for work trips. Flight Attendant lover of people.. Saving her health and her future.

-1 Yellow pepper

-2 Tomatoes

-1 Whole Onion


-Turkey meat- (No Beef in it because I don’t eat beef!!)


-Plantain = A Sweet Life of Heath

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This One Night


“This picture of me is old to me, but new to some.”

May I, please be the lady in red for this one night? For it may be the night, that I live freely without looking back at those right decisions, that you had made for the both of us. It’s may be the one night, that I truly smile really hard in my soul for it rejoices only in Christ and I, whom truly lives in me. From this one night on, and those many nights that I may still be blessed to see, I’ll live freely to the fullest joy of my heart, and never letting my goals and strengths to ever run dry; Because, blessed is a definition of my blood cells. -cm

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I Smile,

I smile, because I am child of a King and I know it! Therefore you all are my brothers and sisters equally made by our Heavenly Father, whom call us all His children.. continue to live and trusting in Him with everything. For all things on this earth shall past away but He’ll still be standing by you. Smile my brothers and sisters 🤗☺☺😊

Ready for the airport!! Dallas Fort worth international airport!!

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I Wish You All Enough

I wish you all enough love, that you’ll never go another day, week, months, or year not feeling love in yourselves or in others.

I wish you all enough peace in your hearts, as when you were a youth you had no worries for mom and dad were taking care of things. Now, just do your parts of taking care of yourselves and others with the peace in your hearts.

I wish you all enough life, that you will never go another day in your life doubting to had not lived your life to the fullest over death. For Life is freedom, love, prosperity, and over all eternal life! Heaven!

French translation

Je vous souhaite à tous assez d’amour, pour que vous n’alliez jamais plus un jour, une semaine, des mois ou une année sans ressentir de l’amour pour vous ou pour les autres.

Je vous souhaite à tous une paix suffisante dans vos coeurs, car quand vous étiez un jeune, vous n’aviez aucun souci pour maman et papa s’occupaient des choses. Maintenant, faites simplement votre part de prendre soin de vous et des autres avec la paix dans vos coeurs.
Je vous souhaite à tous une vie suffisante, afin que vous n’ayez jamais à passer un autre jour de votre vie à douter de n’avoir pas vécu votre vie pleinement au cours de la mort. Car la vie c’est la liberté, l’amour, la prospérité et sur toute la vie éternelle! Paradis!
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Not to live For,

Don’t live for the purpose of attentions OR fames for your everyday life is and will be weak. Live for the purpose of your Lord or in whom you trust; hopefully you trust yourself too. Because in Him you’ll find eternity and new strengths for the purpose of why you live today and everyday.

I also want to share this with everyone! Family or non family. Lovers or non lover!! Enjoy yourselves 😍😘❤

Je vous envoie la première Valentine’s Rose …
Envoyez-le aux personnes importantes pour vous !!! Y compris moi-même si je suis l’un d’entre eux …
Nous allons voir si vous recevez la douzaine.

Happy Valentine’s day Early

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Map Is my Dog name

Haha,  to when I went to Orlando for 3 days to spent time with my parents, but mostly to my lovely lonely fat hard belly little cute dog of mine.

His name is Map Dubuois, because my mom adopted him because she was living alone in Clermont Florida, while my little brother, my step-father, and I were living in Spring Hill Florida. I was a student athlete in high school, I couldn’t move right away.

He has suffer so much that my mom just couldn’t let that happen to him anymore.

Map Je t’aime bcp !! You are a blessing to our family for the past 6 years my love :*