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Flying Is My love

Flying is my first. That’s my first love. Never be afraid to bless your own dreams of exploring the world. You were bless with you and your dreams long before you even knew of this existence. Take on that bible and run with it until you find your longing place in this world; even if it means moving all over the world; guess what I say you can do anything. Find that first of love and longley be happy.

Hello  Tomorrow!

Dream Airline, fly Emirates ❤


12 thoughts on “Flying Is My love”

  1. I have heard only good things about Emirates Airlines. I was favourably impressed by Air Canada, and have heard good things about Singapore Airlines, as well. Domestically, Southwest Airlines has treated me well, but has probably lost my business, owing to how they treat POC. Hawaiian Airlines is folksy, but top notch.

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  2. Thank you for following my blog! I love the inspirational memes you post – great for everyday life. As for flying, it’s a me, too, here. I like British Air, El Al, Air France. Have never tried Emirates Airlines but the ads here tell me maybe I couldn’t afford it? I do like to fly in small planes! Stop by any time and there will be a shut out to your blog soon in a post!

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    1. Its my pleasure 😊 Thank you so much for your great comment. I love British Airway. I will continue to read your posts and blog. I will also share if it possible 🙂 Have a great evening or night! Or maybe goodmorning.


    1. Girly flying is the safest place you can be. It’s safer than driving a car. Let it not be a fear! The universal is to be explored by us marvelous human being with no fear! You have to at least fly one time in your life. Honestly if I have to be first person to put you on an aircraft I will be. I live in the air and it the best feeling in the world.

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          1. I don’t know I guess bcz of my mum – she’s always over-worried about everything especially flights and she’s always telling scary stories happening in the world (she’s watching tv too much 😂)

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