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Purposefully Give Yourselves

The love that you purposefully give yourselves at this given moments is the same love you give to others. So love yourselves like your Heavenly Father and parents loved you, before you knew how loved you were; and some please forgive yourselves and your parents for not being there for you, after you were born to show you love. However, remember your Heavenly Father was there and He knew you by name. The same love you will use to forgive yourselves at this given moment is the same love that you will save your soul to find its Agape peace within your selves and others. Free yourselves purposefully and live freely with the one life you have and the many loves that are around you friends.


Whenever you ever feel like you have nothing or you are in need of love and comfort; Pray and receive the Agape and Phileo. For they both mean love and they are both good and needed for your Souls.



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