Men, mind, No Shame

To All my Beautiful Ladies, 

This post is for all beautiful woman out there!!

This questions are for you all to answer in your own opinions and to just speak your minds. 

 The questions are… 

What is your definition of a man? What do you look for or expect of a man?

I got asked those same questions by my Flight Attendant. I didn’t know what to even start with. My first taught was, I am going to Google it. Then she said, everybody had their own opinions about what their definitions of a man is. It, got me thinking about what was my definition of a man. 

Men can answer this too!! There is no shame on page babes 😉💪

Think, think, and think beauties.



10 thoughts on “To All my Beautiful Ladies, ”

  1. Being in the male category, I respect a man who takes care of his people, female and male, young and old, without stifling or belittling them. I stood by my late wife, until her passing, acting as her caretaker. A real man doesn’t think twice about that, rather than piss and moan about his lot in life.

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