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Grow and Reach

What influences you helps you to grow; but what flirts with you does not help you grow, nor help you reach your goals. Fix your eyes on the prices of influence,  growth, and reach.

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Don’t Ever Underestimate

W- for words of the Night or Day,

Don’t ever underestimate my beauty or the beautifulness of another person or thing of this world as a weekness;

For you are too is beautiful and strong.

Stay focus on you and trust yourselves; for you will overcome anything that the will power of this world will throw at you or another.

Therefore, don’t ever underestimate your values and truth as a man or woman for anything or for nothing. Use this words as words of hope “I walk by Faith, and not by sight.”


Believe in What?

Wow 😍😍

Camile's Poetry

fantasy-2995326_1920The only way to be

Is to be itself

You must think like you are an animal at heart

And a sky nature in mind

You must be as quiet as the wind

And graceful as a bird

Well I say that is quite absurd

I will be whatever prickles my doorstep

Whatever leaf-blows my front lawn

In the back of my apartment while the children yawm

They know the future is not here yet

They know that life is not ready to change

They know that every lollipop will suck away until it is a dry bone

But they know how to be

The only way to be

Is it be itself

For the harder you try

The more failure will teach you

That being something you are not

Will ruin you into ancient stories collapsing

It will turn you into the nightmare warewolf that they all speak of…

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Another Great Run A Week Later..

Before my run

My after result 

When I thought I didn’t have anything left in me I pushed myself. NO MATTER how many phone calls I was getting, I just need keep on running! I knew I had alot still in me! When I got to my final mile I wanted to give up but, I knew I was almost there. I saw in Eagle flying in the sky it reminded me of (Isa 40:31 but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.)

 This is what happens when you I don’t run for a week. I Push yourself afterward! I miss the Nickname of Trackstar! Thank you Lord for the endurance💪🤗

Keep on going everyday and never give up!! Trust, trust, trust, and again I say trust in yourselves.

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Flying Is My love

Flying is my first. That’s my first love. Never be afraid to bless your own dreams of exploring the world. You were bless with you and your dreams long before you even knew of this existence. Take on that bible and run with it until you find your longing place in this world; even if it means moving all over the world; guess what I say you can do anything. Find that first of love and longley be happy.

Hello  Tomorrow!

Dream Airline, fly Emirates ❤

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Purposefully Give Yourselves

The love that you purposefully give yourselves at this given moments is the same love you give to others. So love yourselves like your Heavenly Father and parents loved you, before you knew how loved you were; and some please forgive yourselves and your parents for not being there for you, after you were born to show you love. However, remember your Heavenly Father was there and He knew you by name. The same love you will use to forgive yourselves at this given moment is the same love that you will save your soul to find its Agape peace within your selves and others. Free yourselves purposefully and live freely with the one life you have and the many loves that are around you friends.


Whenever you ever feel like you have nothing or you are in need of love and comfort; Pray and receive the Agape and Phileo. For they both mean love and they are both good and needed for your Souls.


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To All my Beautiful Ladies, 

This post is for all beautiful woman out there!!

This questions are for you all to answer in your own opinions and to just speak your minds. 

 The questions are… 

What is your definition of a man? What do you look for or expect of a man?

I got asked those same questions by my Flight Attendant. I didn’t know what to even start with. My first taught was, I am going to Google it. Then she said, everybody had their own opinions about what their definitions of a man is. It, got me thinking about what was my definition of a man. 

Men can answer this too!! There is no shame on page babes 😉💪

Think, think, and think beauties.