Friend, Learn, Love

Work on Personal Love

I’ve learned and been super attentive this pasted few days or weeks. I’ve learned that we all are lacking some type of personal Love in ourselves; Even those that seem to have it all, are lacking it too. Because we aren’t perfect Human at times or at all times. Please let us stop pretending because I am sure Queen Elizabeth herself is feeling this way too for many years. Let’s all try a little harder or a little more to find that much love within ourselves to see the great things the world have to offer us. But, I am not saying to become friends with it. I myself is in the same position as some of you, I am not even going to say this post is not for me. Because, I am lacking self love and almost self everything. I am just getting started to start finding myself; so that’s why I am writing this so we can do it together.

The challenges we are facing of this are not unique to us. For there is nothing strange or wrong about us facing this trails of personal Love. We all have walked through harder rough roads and situations in the generation we are in now.

Overcome it and find it for yourself; because only you will be happier when others will decide to leave you. But you will still have you and your personal love in your soul.