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Let your Silence

Taken in Quebec City, Canada.

This photo was taken in Dominican Republic. That will forever my favorite memory. ❤

Taken in Houston Texas

Let your slience’s help you to remember of a joy that you once had, before you met that one person who stole your heart away. When everyone that saw you/him or her/you thought you too would had spend the rests of your lives together. Let your silence help you to remember of memories you both made together. For there was never hurt, pain, or fights. But, there was just fun, fun, fun, and little communication between the both. Because you both knew the distance were one of your biggest fears. But, when you both were together you never wanted to let go. Let your silence help to remind you that, you will be okay; for that person who once stole your heart is still there but not together as one in heart. Let your silence help you to remember of the joy, peace, and love you once had within yourself.


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