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Watch “Dani & Lizzy ~ Dancing in the sky with lyrics” on YouTube

I heard this so for the first time 4 days ago, and I heard it again today it felt so good to hear it again that I listened to it at least 6 times. So I thought I should share it with some of you that are going through a little something in your life today. For a lost of a member of your family, lover, or friend. I PRAY that this song help you heal a little or alot. I just want to let you all know that it’s okay to feel a little sad. But, it’s is very important that you find your peace, joy, and laughter again for dont let your heart continue on growing weary. Therefore the person whom you love deeply want you to rejoice, because they are rejoicing in heaven. They are praying for you as you should be praying for yourselves for they are your angels who will forever watch over you. Stand strong my friends for heaven is with you and they are forever there with you every step of your life. Never for get that! ❤


5 thoughts on “Watch “Dani & Lizzy ~ Dancing in the sky with lyrics” on YouTube”

    1. I am so sorry for your lost, but it’s a blessing that’s you know she has been with you. Keep on rejoicing for she is shining her light and God’s through you each day you wake up. Stay strong and happy. 😊🤗 it’s always my pleasure to help.

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  1. ceux qui sont partis se sont sacrifiés pour qu’on soit heureux. la moindre des choses est de leur montrer qu’ils n’ont pas perdu leur temps et étant joyeux.

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