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The Things That Happens on Aircrafts’ While going to BJX😂

Wow, wow, what a great day that day was? The end of that day couldn’t had gotten  any better. Let me just say that there was a Handsome strong weightlifting athlete on my aircraft from Russia (Russia was truly in the my house) haha. Sorry I can’t say his name, but him and his friend we’re going to Leon, Mexico. How did I found out they were from Russia it was when, I was passing out the Mexican custom and immigrants forms. I had asked where they were from because I wanted to know before giving the the forms. He was looking at me the whole entire flight, I couldn’t help but to look back either. I went to the back of the aircraft to speak with my flight attendant (Lindsey) about just whatever. He got up with his drink waiting to use the lavatory standing at his seat staring in the back of the aircraft were my FA and I were standing. All I said to her was look at that guy he is very handsome and so he had started staring again as if he knew we were talking about him. Lindsey said to me if you want I can give him your number all you have to do is to write it down. I SAID WHAT? Really? With excitement I started looking for papers, I couldn’t find one… As he was walking to the lavatory, all she said is I have a nice notepad for him. I started laughing and then writing she said your hand writing to small, because he wont be able to read it. I had forgotten my number because I was actually super excited to had done something like giving my number out to a random stranger from a different country(Russia)😉. I had gotten my memory back so I told Lindsey my number as she was writing it down for me. Handsome was back in his seat already as she was finishing writing my name and number. Haha she even added a heart on it and then she when to give it to him. I really called her brave girl for doing that, because she went to give my number. She said to him that the Flight attendant in the back (me) wanted him to give you her number. He didn’t really understood what she had saidbecause he just spoke little English, his friend helped him with translatung. Lindsey came back to me in the back saying that I should go talk to him myself. So, I went to him to say it was my number. He said, thank you to me my thoughts are (I am such a weird flight Attendant) lol . Lets just say that 5-10 minutes later he came to me in the back with an apple. It was the cutest and funniest thing ever😍 went he said this apple is for you.. I was like for me? He said yes for you because you are very beautiful. Then, he introduce himself by say hello my name is Handsome. Then said sorry  my English is not that great asking me what  my name? and where was I from? I told him my name and said I lived him Houston so he told me about how his friend stay in Houston and the reason why they were going to mexico for a weightlifting competition. I had just to Lindsey that he was an athlete from Russia… To Be Continue ☺


5 thoughts on “The Things That Happens on Aircrafts’ While going to BJX😂”

  1. Russian guys can be very cute sometimes!! my best friend is Russian ! my godsons are half Russian. The little i know about most of them is that,they either like you or not
    . What i mean is that, they are usually not hypocrites… Nice post

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    1. Très bientôt, nous nous écrivons juste les uns aux autres. haha Il est retourné en Russie. Je devais déjeuner avec lui avant qu’il ne parte, mais mon vol est arrivé un peu tard mais bon

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