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Sacrifices Wasted

When you make hardworking sacrifices to please someone, and they just throw away your hardworking sacrifices in the trash like it was nothing; Leave them alone at that point.

 FYI, tell yourself that (My hardworking sacrifices aren’t to ever be wasted again). Forgive them, stop wasting your time on them, never go back, & move on for goodness.
Don’t look for someone else, be patient, & be yourself. Sit down and be humble, because  greatness and better is coming your way. Yep I said, your way my friend.

 Like this wasting photo!


10 thoughts on “Sacrifices Wasted”

  1. That seems to be in Birmin’ham, Alabamer… Right around the march from Selma to Montgomery… I know there still is much to be done, but, in truth, most people now have no idea what it was like. So much has been accomplished. Thanks for the photograph.

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      1. The real truth? Not sure there is such a thing… But, the truth is that Musicians like Duke Ellington or Mahaliah Jackson could not sleep in some of the hotels they payed at. As simple as that. 😦 And though segregation was… blatant in the South it also happened in the North. A piece of truth: my Law teacher at the University of Alabama (formerly segregated) was a tough black Lady. With a great sense of humour. She once explained to us how the Civil Rights was passed, against local laws. Because it was argued that segregation was a hinderance to interstate commerce, as black salesmen crossing state lines could not find proper accommodations in the South. How about that, eh? You can’t go back in the past, but you can ask your grandparents. Your parents are probably too young. Be good. πŸ™‚

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