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You founded something in me

    The first time you saw me you founded good in me. As if, I was someone you knew all your life. You founded fun, peace, careness, loving, and motivation in me, but it was hard because I was always gone. You always said the most important thing is the time that we shared with eachothers and that we are always with each others in the heart. You founded safetiness as I always ripped my arms around you and I felt the same feeling you felt. You did find love in me but you were or was just too afraid that you might think I would find someone better and that I would leave you to move farther. My heart is to find and to accomplish all the desires the Lord had place in my heart. I will not leave this Earth until I am all done with all my goals. I wish you would had stand by me as I been there for you as a motivator. My heart was so hurt when you left me for the first time to be with someone else. I wanted to leave everything behind just to be with you. But, I loved you way to much to had stopped you from talking to someone else, because I just wanted you to be free. I didn’t care much about you the first time I met you even when you kissed me in the city. I just thought you were just some other guy out there. I founded a difference in you, from for the first 5 or 6 months of just writing and sharing friendly pictures with each others to the 3 years were shared together. The first vacation that I had ever went to was with you, I’ll never go to that’s country again because my memories of you and I is still alive in my mind. I never really asked for much but to just be patient with me. I know how you are truly feeling right now, because I am feeling the same way as you. You may say you didn’t find true love in me because you use yours to cover yourself and your feeling. Thank you for leaving me the second time. Just know that I loved you then, I love now, and I’ll love you tomorrow even as friends or not.


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