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Attitudes of the unkind

 When a person with an attitude says to you, you are beautiful and smile; because beauty should also come from the inside. Just look smile back and say thank you. Then you walk away; not caring much about what they just said to you. Believe in yourself that beauty do come from the inside, but for them does beauty did really cone from their inside? They wouldn’t have been acting up, or giving you any types attitudes in the first place. Never give any attitude to a person who is giving you all the respect and providing you great service. Yet do remember to do better everyday, because true beauty come from the heart, love, and kindness you share with others. Bless is the man that created you and I for He is love and not attitude.


IMG_20161014_210051You are the beauty of the colorful trees that are on the side of the water fall, for the water is falling down calmly and beautifully, just because the fall of the water did really find true beauty in the trees.


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