The things you have control of…

snapchat-9092741691650516290.jpgI just realized that one of my favorite places to eat yet is in Mexico!! The country itself reminds me of my past life, that’s just the life that I realized that I am finally living in it today. I eat the best foods in the world, all I can say is just the words blessed and thankful!


Sometimes, it’s better to take weird pictures with a nice peaceful smirk on your face. Just be the you that was created for this world. Use that peaceful smirk that was given to you as beauty to bless the world with it.


Don’t  follow your parents or families pacts, Be the courageous member of your family that takes the biggest step in wanting to make a differences in their lives. By taking risks, using resources, and by hoping in keeping their Faith alive. Be the change of you and asking the Lord to help you create a new future that was created just for you, not as your family generation, meaning  that you must step up to your fullest potential and redesigning your own life, pact, and generation. Only you in this world can do it for yourself, by having your faith, trust, courage, and love of knowing that all is possible. Believing in your own soul that was given to you my the living truth that is unseen but He is there just in time to help. Abba give you all the strength and power to overcome and to proclaim anything you really want in this life. My friends I please you all to try a little harder to make changes and to be the change, and the face of your family generation. Be the motivator and the motivation of your future, and live a life of purpose and character of yourself.



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