Forgive me, and my headaches 

I, forgive myself for over thinking about what just happened. Forgive my headaches for giving me so much pain for in the past few days. While still trying to understand what had went wrong and what could you or I had changed? Why could I change your thoughts or mind? I was trying so hard to understand even if it was already explained. That I finally give up and accepted it about what was said. While being in a country that is so common and well know. The country of love to me mean now the country of sadness, because I received some News you would had thought can from (CNN) but it was the The Real World News from a ….. I can’t stop thinking about. I am now harder on myself to do what is right to do better, and to try harder to keep others happy. Only God can give be back my gift to bring strength and happiness to the broken hearts. As of today I’ll have to start with myself for my heart is in pain and my thoughts are out of places for my headaches are taking control over my head. Keep on try, try, and, try. But first my mind.

The sweetest 😏

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