Dear Hello,

My name is Christianna Mony, a 22 years old Flight Attendant for United Express(Mesa Airline). Born and half raised in Cameroun, but now live in the US for 11 years now! Writing one of the talents I’ve if I may say, but I don’t like to read, so I try my best to read my bible as much as I can. I love the Lord, life & light. Travelling is what I do for living, I spend all my time with people I don’t know more than my own family, so I call all the people I meet everyday family!

My goal here to write about all that’s in my mind! From the ago of zero until now and continuing… I’ll write about my dreams, love, the world, and Etc. Mostly everything I see. I may not spell everything right, but I will try to do my very best at googling and spending the words right!!